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Now that you've registered with USATF, click on the link below to register via Sports Engine. You will need to enter your USATF membership when registering for the Cheetahs. 

  • $200 Registration Fee
  • $75 Uniform Fee
  • $50 Refundable Volunteer Fee* (email us to discuss criteria)
  • Space is limited!
  • Last day to register is August 31, 2023, however, we will close early if all spots have been taken before that date. 
  • Last day for a refund (minus uniform cost) is August 31, 2023.
  • Please visit the XC practice information tab for more details.

Congratulations on a successful 2022 season!

Congratulations to all of the Cheetahs who participated in the 2022 cross country season.  We enjoyed seeing the athletes improve and reach their goals.  The season concluded with a very successful postseason campaign for the 15 Cheetahs athletes who competed with our conference-wide team, the California Comets, at USATF Nationals in College Station, TX.  A total of 9 Comets teams advanced through the qualifying rounds to earn their places on the start line with the best teams in the country, notching 6 top-10 finishes by the day's end.  The Girls 8U team (which featured 3 Cheetahs athletes) emerged as the 2022 national champions, while the Boys 8U team and the Boys 9-10 team took home second and third place, respectively.  

Cross Country's Historic Roots

The sport’s origins date back to early 19th century England, when students played a game called “hunt the hare"—also known as a "hare and hound run"—in which one or two boys, or the “hares,” would get a head start and lay a trail of shredded paper. A few minutes later, a larger group—the “hounds”—would follow in hot pursuit across miles of boggy English countryside. The object was to catch the hares before they reached a predetermined location.