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Cross Country Season is Open August through December

Whether you are a new or returning Cheetah we look forward to welcoming you to the 2019 Cross Country Season!

Reduced Rate Registration Open!

Cross Country's Historic Roots

The sport’s origins date back to early 19th century England, when students played a game called “hunt the hare"—also known as a "hare and hound run"—in which one or two boys, or the “hares,” would get a head start and lay a trail of shredded paper. A few minutes later, a larger group—the “hounds”—would follow in hot pursuit across miles of boggy English countryside. The object was to catch the hares before they reached a predetermined location.

Do you dream of winning the LA Marathon one day? 
Chances are a kid running cross country today will be at the head of the pack.

Cross Country Runners combine speed with endurance to be unstoppable on any field, track, soccer, football, tennis, any sport that requires speed and endurance.

Cross Country Runners have amazing cardio conditioning and recover faster from in beautiful mountains and fresh air and get strong, a perfect combo!

Cross Country August - December

Registration Opens in May

Cross Country is great for distance and mid-distance runners as well as soccer players, or any athlete.  Cross Country season is from late August to early December!

The Cheetahs practice on various local trails on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 6-7:30 pm and Some Saturday's unless we are at a competitive meet that week.

Each year, some of our athletes qualify for nationals, which extends the season for those who decide to participate into late November or early December.

Check in with our amazing distance coaches about running with us on upcoming fun runs. 

Meets continue through the end of October and we'll have opportunities between now and then, and again as we near the start of Track and Field season in February. 

Depending on age, athletes compete at distances of 2K, 3K or 4K.

We LOVE to have parents run with us, from the very first fun run until the last week of the season. 

The trails are beautiful, the people are nice. You AND  your kids should join us!

Cross County Practice Locations


The locations of practice vary so athletes are emailed weekly on that week's workouts and any other pertinent information. 

If you have any questions on Cross Country please email Coach Nirmal

Our Practice Locations:
Chesebro Canyon Trail, Malibu Creek, Old Agoura Park, Las Virgenes, Victory Trails, Wild Walnut Park, Top of Reseda

Meet Info


Cross country is for athletes between the ages of 5-17 years old. 
Practice days and locations are sent out by email from Coach Nirmal on Sunday nights. If you do not receive the email, please let us know! 
We practice rain or shine! 

Meets start at about 8:00 am for a walk-thru of the course for each age group with an 8:45 am Coaches meeting and then the races are off at 9am with the GG 2K. 
Gremlin athletes run a 2K, bantams, and midgets a 3K, and youths and intermediates a 4K. 
We run different courses as agreed to by teams in the conference and the entire meet is usually over by 12:30 pm.

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